Let your Church's Workers Carry its DNA
to Neglected Fields

GlobaLocal Church Carol Davis. A must for sending churches. Historical, biblical, practical.
Missionary Team Building

Evangelism in Pioneer Fields
Work though a "son of peace"
Evangelism, going two by two

Culture and Language
Churches, freedom from bad traditions
Cultures, evangelism and church planting in new fields
Denominations, dealing with obsolete structures
Identifying new Shepherds
Language, use vernacular in translation & church planting
Flexible leadership
Freedoms for new churches
Non-Christian religions, working with
Partnerships in mission
Work with autocratic leaders
Traditions that cripple new churches

Church Planting & Cell Multiplication
Church planting steps
Church planting myths
Church multiplication, what to do and what to restrain
Missionary team building
Training church planters
Cell churches in cities MS Word®
Starting small groups
Cellular church body, developing, Part 1   Part 2
Congregational body life
Empowering new shepherds
Worship, what to do with children

Love Needy Neighbors in a Practical Way
Mercy Ministry, Relief and Development
Relief work, better when linked to church planting

Train New Leaders
Add Action to Mission Courses
Children, what to do with them in small groups and worship
Church planters, trained
Church leaders need mentoring--who should do it?
Shepherds empowered
Church body, integrating the five-fold basic ministries
Classroom instruction compared with mentoring
Curriculum, integrating truth and task
Curriculum, writing pastoral study materials
Educational philosophy, Christian, rethinking
Homiletics, alternatives to monologue
Integrating mission theory and practice
Interactive teaching
Leadership training, mentoring like Jesus did
Leadership training, menu-based
Leadership training, shifting to mentoring
Leadership training, vital ministries menu
Linear curriculum, limitations for training pastors
Skits, how to teach with  09
Women mentoring women

Sustain Church Planting Movements
Keep churches multiplying
Church ministries, menu of vital activities
Church planters, freed from bad traditions
Maps, using to plan strategy and cast vision
Mentoring with purpose
Reporting, timely information aids church planting
Self-support issues
Self-supported tentmakers kept on the job

Let your Church to Be a Sending Body
Equip workers to carry its DNA to neglected fields
  These documents will help your church be a
  sending church...
Do you want an experienced mentor to help you think through your plans to mobilize your congregation?
Meg Crossman

Do you want an expert to help you select a people that is 1) neglected, 2) receptive and 3) reachable? For latest statistics and guidance:
Dr.Todd Johnson

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Perspectives on the World
Christian Movement
William Carey University
(affiliate of the U.S. Center for World Mission)

An extensive study course to help you discover what God is doing around the world and consider your part in His purposes.  It is offered during the year at extension sites In many places throughout the United States and elsewhere.
Visit www.perspectives.org

A shorter version of Perspectives is available. Let Meg Crossman introduce you to it.
Information about Pathlight, God's Global Purpose

To mobilize Alumni of Perspectives* or similar training program...
  • Help alumni to think through their plans and stay focused on strategic projects.
  • Agree on action points for your church or mission agency to reach neglected fields.
  • Have an experienced mentor coach them until they are seeing churches multiply in a currently neglected field


Today's frontier is where neglected peoples live (1/3 of all people) and only criminals can plant churches─by hostile governments' laws. Unfortunately, most missionaries are weak in underground, criminal experience, and need training that our mentors offer. You can train your own workers. Form a small group as a temporary training church in which potential missionaries practice vital skills. These small group guidelines include:
  • Proclaim Jesus within existing social networks (family, friends).
  • Make disciples by teaching them to obey Jesus' commands before all else.
  • Worship in a way that fits a small group. Include the Lord's Supper, practice the interactive 'one another' commands, and let children participate in an active way.
  • Develop mentoring 'chains' for new leaders the way Christ and His apostles did.
  • Mobilize workers to start daughter churches or cells.
Mentor and Multiply
  These documents will help you
or those you train to multiply churches in neglected fields...

Interactive Training Outline for Dynamic Workshops MS Word® Train workers to multiply churches in pioneer fields or multiply cells in your church.
Demonstrations and Role plays.  Train church planters and leaders MS Word®
Shift from training only in classrooms to include mentoring where needed.
Bi-vocational Leaders. Mobilize many self-supported 'tentmaker' workers.
Activate Hidden Resources as a sending church. Guidelines, Carol Davis.
Koran and Jesus. Know what the Koran says about Jesus.
Movements for Christ within Religions Work with folks of different beliefs.
Autocratic Leaders. Mentor leaders in hierarchical societies.
Trouble Shooting Chart Avoid common snags in church planting.
Team building. Form effective teams, avoiding common mistakes.
Flexible Church Leadership. Adapt leadership style to time and place. MS Word®
"Tentmaking" Information on support Issues and neglected fields
Secret Church Train your workers to serve secretly in hostile fields.
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Befuddled by so many documents to choose from?
Then let a mentor help you start moving the right way: