Start churches now!

John Patrick O'Connor lived his early years in northern India. He pioneered work in the mountains of Honduras that has birthed several generations of new flocks and shepherds. His several publications include Reproducible Pastoral Training and more recently Start Churches Now!  Patrick's joyful style, scriptural orientation, and practical approach to church reproduction have helped several stagnant ministries start moving again, and fruitful ones gain momentum. Write to Patrick in English or … [Read more...]

“Teaching them to obey”

Jim grew up in underweight child diet free diet fat low density diet an Italian American home and resides in Italy. A bachelor by calling, Jim is free to follow the Lord anywhere. His passion remains to equip others to walk with God, listening to his voice daily, especially through his word. Jim leads seminars on applying Jesus' commandments, following his … [Read more...]

“Well known among the apostles”

Pam Arlund, PhD in linguistics, worked in two minority languages, while planting home-based churches with new believers.  She now serves as director of All Nations Family, Inc., that sparks church-planting movements internationally, as well as on university campuses.  All Nations provides training and coaching through an "experience" called CPx, through which more than 800 surviving congregations and home cells have been launched. Some 1000 university students have come through CPx, many of … [Read more...]

“Follow my example”

Dick Scoggins was coached by George Patterson in the 1980s, and he has followed George's coaching and mentoring approach, ever since. Dick started a church-planting team in Rhode Island in 1985, that has multiplied into a network of church-planting teams, as he trained team leaders who plant house churches amongst immigrant communities. From 1995 to 2010 Dick worked with his wife in England, training and coaching Frontiers teams at work in the Muslim world. Dick also started teams of local … [Read more...]

“Those who labor among you”

Brian Simmons is a husband of one (first and only), father of four, local church shepherd since 1996, and traveling trainer of church planters and leaders. He and Rose planted churches in South America for 4 years. While shepherding a classical congregation, Brian has been an advocate of highly-reproducible house churches since 2001. His training workshops held in Asia and South America have directly resulted in at least 130 first-generation churches and cells. Brian's training topics … [Read more...]

“Able to teach others also”

Brian Hogan was part of a YWAM team in Erdenet, Mongolia, from 1993-1996. The team’s work resulted in a church-planting movement (CPM) in that nation that continues to this day and is sending out Mongol missionaries to many unreached nations. That amazing experience has been recounted in Brian’s book, There’s a Sheep in My Bathtub. Brian remains a trainer of CPM practitioners and advocate of Simple Church since 1998. He also serves full time with … [Read more...]

“Churches were multiplying”

Erik Fish is a husband, father and author who makes disciples of leaders who dare to dream God’s dream for planet Earth. He carries a deep passion for equipping people with innovative, grassroots strategies for multiplying movements of the gospel among pre-Christians. Erik is a founding leader for the Student Church Planting eXperience. SCPx equips students worldwide to multiply disciples and churches on their college campus and beyond. Since 2008, SCPx has equipped students on over 400 … [Read more...]

“Pressing forwards…”

Galen C. has trained and consulted with church reproduction and community development workers in some twenty countries of Africa, the Americas and Asia. He also serves as sometime editor of training materials that have gone into several languages. See and Galen especially likes to interact with leaders of new initiatives who are seeking ways around common hindrances to reproduction. He was an adjunct instructor in applied … [Read more...]

“Into all the world…”

Don Perry takes every opportunity to “go make disciples of all nations … teaching them to obey all that I commanded.” Don’s consulting work has taken him to South Asia, East Africa and across North America. He enjoys training evangelists and church planters in Hindu and Muslim-majority regions, as well as in coaching national leaders who strive for greater multiplication. Don is equally comfortable leading training workshops, or sitting on the floor with a cup of tea, coaching and … [Read more...]

“To the third and fourth generations…”

Donald McGavran coached George Patterson who coached Jay who coaches national coaches, jump-starting rapidly-spreading movements in S.E. Asia. Jay and Anna have also been working in genuine, urgent relief and development, while promoting local, vernacular Bible translations, for 10 years under hostile political regimes, in ways that multiply home-based churches. You have heard in recent world news, about these communities they work in. Jay reported in December 2012: "We have seen seven … [Read more...]