Overview of Shepherd’s Storybook

Shepherd’s Storybook is a pastoral training course written as a brief novel. It covers:
       Network evangelism
           Making disciples that love and obey Jesus
               Starting non-institutional churches
                   Initiating key ministries
                       Birthing daughter churches

The Storybook’s narrative portrays an uneducated learner, coached by a godly mentor, as the learner gathers a church, pastors it and  lets it multiply. Study questions guide readers in applying principles. An index of Bible stories enables readers to choose stories that teach vital Christian doctrines and duties.

Shepherd’s Storybook’s main advantages:

  • Available. Prepare any who need training without fees and without restrictions due to limited education.
  • Applicable. The story’s three sections equip readers to 1) witness for Jesus in a way that spreads among friends, 2) gather those who repent, and 3) prepare their shepherds.
  • Clear. Since it comes easy to read and to translate, and it avoids big words and abstractions, less-educated readers grasp this story. Its biblical stories convey truths that enable churches to multiply in the normal way. Let Storybook help you train new leaders in neglected fields where literacy is low.
  • Practical. Storybook integrates fieldwork and planning with basic theological truths without denominational bias. (jit writers cooperate with major denominations and mission agencies).
  • Stories. The main story depicts church planters and pastors struggling with problems common to church planters and leaders, by telling Bible stories that readers can pass on to others, as our Lord Jesus did.
  • Effective. Storybook has been used to spark movements for Christ in several cultures.
  • Biblical. Storybook ‘s New Testament guidelines combine pastoral training with church planting, as Jesus and His apostles did, which has proven effective in many fields.

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