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?These twelve Jesus sent out,instructing them? Mt 10:5. THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION AND EVANGELISM BY EXTENSION (TEEE) Church reproduction can be enhanced by a programme of continualtraining of pastoral leaders. The pattern of a TEEE programme is found in Deuteronomy18, Matthew 10, Mark 6, Luke 9 and 10, Acts 10, Colossians 4 and 2 Timothy 2:2.  Accreditation Certification Director Duration Enrolment Evangelism Extension Finances Location Materials Mentoring Name Ownership … [Read more...]

Useful sites

Links to Other VeryUseful Sitesfor those who seek to multiply believers, disciples, cells, churches,shepherds and workers Bible Story Scripts Dramas suitable to small gatherings where adults and children act out Bible stories as part of their worship. JustObey Jesus Proven methods for multiplication in neglected populations. "Rapid Obedience leads to rapid multiplicationof churches." Dr. George Patterson … [Read more...]

Classroom Instruction and Mentoring Compared

Classroom Instruction and Mentoring ComparedIntroduction1. Physical Factors2. General Acceptance and Enrollment Factors3. Relationships4. Recognition of Student's Work5. Objectives and Commitments6. Teaching Methods7. Application and Order of Presentation of Teaching Content8. Materials and Sources9. The Responsibility for Training New PastorsRelated ReadingTop of pageClassroom Instruction and Mentoring ComparedDr. George Patterson, Dr. Galen Currah & Dr. Enoch Wan, Head of Div. of … [Read more...]

Classroom Instruction and Mentoring Compared

Compare Classroom and ExtensionEducationfor Training New Christian LeadersCopyright© 2009 by George Patterson and Galen CurrahMay be copied and published freely. Thisdocument compares traditional classroom instruction with extension educationthat includes mentoring. Mentoring is defined as ?training new leaders in theway that Jesus and his apostles did, by listening before instructing, planningfor immediate application, assigning Bible and other readings to meet urgentneeds of leaders' … [Read more...]

Paul-Timothy #1

1.Get started Instructions.User menu. Coaches' and learners' guidelines. Mainmenu — Giveassurance Allstudies onthis page were revised Summer of 2017 View thecontents of a study by clicking onPreview. Studies areformatted US letter size. Re-format these for your ownneeds. Images may be removedor replaced with those of your own choice. Read #1 first. #1 Howto use Paul-Timothy studies.  Preview.  Word. Pdf. … [Read more...]


POY! Church planting and multiplication People Of YES! Church-Planting Dashboard  (June 20, 2014) [Français] Matt & Krista discover simple church (2008) [Sous-titres en français] Welcome to People of YES! (November 13, 2012) George Talks on Accountability in leader training (June 12, 2014) Six parts of church-planter coaching (June 12, 2014) George Talks to Leaders (July 9, 2014) Saturate a Society with the Word of God (July 12, 2014)  [Français] Good News About … [Read more...]

The Church Planting Dashboard [Podcast #0004]

Use the People Of Yes! Dashboard to find precise guidelines to take your next step to multiply God’s flocks. The menu lists 28 tasks that Jesus or His apostles required, which have proven effective and vital to multiply churches in widespread movements. Do not try to do the tasks in order; choose those that fit a current need. Skip tasks for which you have no need. Each task includes brief descriptions, points out common pitfalls, and offers further help in resource documents. If you … [Read more...]

Go as a CPM Tourist or as a CPM Servant?

Do you want to serve a CPM ministry overseas? Several of the church-planting movements in Asia have become touristic attractions. Scores of foreigners come to visit ministry leaders and watch them in action. Some hope they will absorb some experience or insight that will make them equally effective in their homeland. Bigoted authorities in some countries have started sending police agents to tourist hotels to check the papers of foreign Christians, in order to black-list them. Journalists come … [Read more...]

“Teaching them to obey”

Jim grew up in underweight child diet free diet fat low density diet an Italian American home and resides in Italy. A bachelor by calling, Jim is free to follow the Lord anywhere. His passion remains to equip others to walk with God, listening to his voice daily, especially through his word. Jim leads seminars on applying Jesus' commandments, following his … [Read more...]

“Well known among the apostles”

Pam Arlund, PhD in linguistics, worked in two minority languages, while planting home-based churches with new believers.  She now serves as director of All Nations Family, Inc., that sparks church-planting movements internationally, as well as on university campuses.  All Nations provides training and coaching through an "experience" called CPx, through which more than 800 surviving congregations and home cells have been launched. Some 1000 university students have come through CPx, many of … [Read more...]