The Seven General Commands of Jesus

Repent, Believe the Good News, Receive the Holy Spirit Baptize Lord's Supper Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Enemies, Love Believers Pray in the Name of Jesus Give Generously Make Disciples Here's a video of the hand motions you can use with the commands. Download the Verse References and Stories for the Seven General Commands of Jesus … [Read more...]

Helpful Resources for Muslim Ministry

One of my passions is Muslim ministry, and equipping others as well. I am posting a list of selected sites and blogs that I look to for ideas and resources. Feel free to comment, add some of your own, or write to me at  [email protected]  -   Don … [Read more...]

Church Planting during Political Upheaval

Visibly shaken, Brett announced to the gathering, “The city council decreed today that churches are forbidden to meet outside of designated chapels, and they must sign agreements not to comment on other faiths or on alternative life styles, nor to pray for sick children. We have to comply or disband and drop our plans to start new churches.” The believers looked at each other in dismay. Some wept. Sixteen current global trends require that we church planters make adjustments to our … [Read more...]

George Talks to Christian Leaders

I am talking to Christian leaders whose decisions affect the fruitfulness of many workers. Conclusive evidence is pouring in from many fields that where workers heed certain New Testament guidelines, churches multiply rapidly where God has prepared the people. This is today’s challenge to visionary leaders. Has God placed you where, as a leader, you will decide between mediocrityand a vigorous church planting movement? Maybe God has, and you don’t know it. Perhaps you’ve thought that a … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Home Churches and Climate Change

Home-church and small-group advocates have rightly underscored many ways in which little gatherings can function as authentic expressions of the Body of Christ in the world. These ways include loving intimacy, meeting of urgent needs, participation by all, manifestation of each one’s spiritual gifts, easy mobility, low cost, ethnic sensitivity, rapid reproduction, leader training, neighborhood involvement and much more. Evolutionist-scientists and Creationist-scientists alike have been … [Read more...]

Healing As Spiritual Warfare

I have been thinking about two familiar scriptures: “…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.” Acts 10:38 "And this woman, a daughter of Abraham as she is, whom Satan has bound for eighteen long years, should she not have been released from this bond on the Sabbath day?" Luke 13:16 In these two passages, Jesus and Peter both clearly link healing with the deliverance … [Read more...]

Trainees – Churched, Unchurched, and ‘Problem People’

This is a slightly edited repost from Steve Addison's blog, - Jeff Sundell said that in Nepal he kept the “new horses” from the “old horses” to protect new believers from the unhelpful habits and traditions of older “churched” believers. Two works emerged at the same time; one separate from existing church structures and one within. The work within church structures grew from 27 – 127 churches in six years. The work outside and separate from existing church … [Read more...]

Seven Current Trends that Favor Organic Churches

Small, unfunded, family-based churches remain the primary units of reproduction in spontaneous Christian movements. Whilst movements do result in some classical congregations, a continual starting of new, little ones remains part of their strategy for continuous multiplication of believers, disciples and leaders. Little, organic, face-to-face, Christ-obeying communities or gatherings, that remain free to reproduce in every kind of venue, are becoming more and more a necessity, besides a method … [Read more...]

Go as a CPM Tourist or as a CPM Servant?

Do you want to serve a CPM ministry overseas? Several of the church-planting movements in Asia have become touristic attractions. Scores of foreigners come to visit ministry leaders and watch them in action. Some hope they will absorb some experience or insight that will make them equally effective in their homeland. Bigoted authorities in some countries have started sending police agents to tourist hotels to check the papers of foreign Christians, in order to black-list them. Journalists come … [Read more...]

Obeying Jesus At Home

I was emailing a friend today about how we would often do Communion at the lunch or dinner table, with one piece of bread on the table, and glasses of juice at each place. We’d do it at the beginning of the meal, with the food on the table, as soon as all were seated, to ensure everyone’s attention, as well as brevity. I break the bread, pass it around, then give thanks for the bread and the Body of Christ, pray briefly, and we all eat together. Then I take the cup, give thanks for the cup, … [Read more...]