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To Train Christian Leaders, Compare Coaching And Classroom

  To multiply healthy churches or cell groups, educators provide coaching as well as classroom training, according to current needs. When to do either becomes apparent by comparing the two training methods as they relate to a large number of factors. 1.  Physical Factors Time Required Coaching as Jesus and Paul did it takes time. Just as newborn babies need personal attention, coaches train new leaders of new flocks as long as they need it. Classroom schedules, degrees and semester … [Read more...]

Coaching Today’s Leaders

               When you coach leaders in new churches, the Holy Spirit works powerfully to benefit both churches and communities, to solve personal and family problems, and to help believers become effective in different ministries, such as the following: Believers make disciples, building foundations of godly living through obedience to Jesus. Parents train children at home to pray daily and to learn God’s Word. Caregivers coach individuals and families that have … [Read more...]

Church Planting Coaching

You might wondering, “How can I go from addition to multiplication in my church planting work?” You are seeing some multiplication in your church planting ministry, while sensing that you could be seeing more. People of YES! can help. We are coaches who have worked all over the world, in all sorts of situations. We are good listeners, who take time to let you share your vision, needs and opportunities. We seek to understand you and your situation. Perhaps we can give you another perspective, … [Read more...]

jit 4a 48 Compare training leaders by lecture and by coaching

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Train Apprentice Leaders As Jesus And Paul Did

Train Apprentice Leaders as Jesus and Paul Did Yes, new shepherd, you can coach newer shepherds of daughter churches or cells, just as new pastors [elders] did in New Testament times. Just keep a step ahead of them while your own coach coaches [follows] your progress. Yes, Lord Jesus, we’ll keep your Kingdom expanding by training new leaders, as you modeled. We will avoid education programs that boast “high standards of excellence” while  disdaining Your guidelines for training new leaders and … [Read more...]

About Us

WELCOME TO PEOPLE OF YES!   People of YES!  -  Those who liberate others. Synergize believers. Multiply disciples. Obey Jesus.   Liberating others and their gatherings from man-made limitations that slow down obedience to Christ  and  hinder multiplication. POY! and you can help others to multiply freely.   Synergizing by coaching, training, prayer, spiritual warfare, healing, simple materials, whatever else is needed to help in your situation.   Multiplying is the only way to reach … [Read more...]

Remedies To Snags That Limit Movements

  Church planters and shepherds of new flocks can sustain church planting movements when freed from common limiting factors. Clear away this blindness to keep moving forwards. 1.  Limitation: Many church planters are young men without jobs who must be supported by a limited source of funds that comes from outside of the region they serve. Remedy: Enlist as church planters more persons who already have an income and who would qualify as a shepherding elder as defined by the New … [Read more...]

Seven Dynamic Factors that Sustain Spontaneous Church Multiplication

Let your church multiply daughter and granddaughter churches in any neglected field, by implementing seven dynamics that God consistently blesses. Even if you are not a church planter, you can help prepare church planters by forming a small group that equips them. Let new church-planting workers practice church planting skills in your group. When missionaries first arrive in a field, they do not put into practice what they had read or heard in lectures; rather they imitate what they used to do … [Read more...]

Fifteen Reasons to Coach new Shepherds and Church Planters, Face-To-Face

         Biblical coaching of pastoral trainees, done in the way Moses, Jesus and Paul did it, proves to have many advantages. These include the following: 1.    Biblical. Moses & elders, Exodus 18. Jesus & apostles, Mark 6:7-13, 30. Paul, Timothy, Epiphras, Archippus & Nympha, Colossians   1 & 4; 2 Timothy 2:1-2. 2.   Effective. Coached leaders in disciplined training programs consistently prove more competent than do whose only training is   academic, because coached … [Read more...]

Coach Assertively

               Jesus painted clear visions, provided precise instructions, issued absolute orders and demonstrated single-hearted devotion to His mission. The urgency of bringing people to Christ and of multiplying churches requires coaches who do the same.             Coach with single-minded purpose. Westerners often find it hard to agree and focus on outcomes, as individuals seek personal interests and preferences. Younger adults often lack purpose aside from enjoying friends and … [Read more...]